I was born missing my left arm below the elbow.  I have never worn a prosthesis.  As a child I played softball for the T&P Railroad Cubs.  As a young man (until I was 42) I played softball on city leagues and played softball and basketball with the Fort Worth Amputees.  I also competed as an amateur roller skater, water skied, rode a motorcycle since I was 14 and all the things “regular” people do.

I is retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after 31 years, and other years with various survey, mapping and insurance firms.

I am a mentor for the International Child Amputee Network and previously served as Vice-President of this organization.

I am a charter member of the One Arm Dove Hunt Association and have attended all of the annual hunts since its inception in 1972.  I am married to Pat, have 3 daughters, grandpa to 3 grandchildren.